Why is cooking frustrating in our digital world? It should be easy……and now it can be with Prepear’s Connected Cooking.



Cooking at Home

Does this sound familiar at all? You hop onto Pinterest and spend forever pinning 14 recipes that look good and you think your family will like.

While you are wrestling with your 3 year old, you scribble down a grocery list and try to remember everything you need. You head to the grocery store and in the meantime forgot your grocery list.

You then spend $267 on items that were not on your list. And then you end up having cold cereal for dinner.

The process of figuring out what to make, getting the groceries, and then cooking from those recipes can feel really chaotic, frustrating, and at the end of the day, demotivating.

With all of the technology, devices, and apps we have, you would think that this process would basically be able to happen for us. There are a lot of services, and apps that are solving different pieces of the problem. But until all of the pieces are connected – the problem will still exist.


The Connected Cooking Solution

When you cook at home, you need your entire cooking life connected.


  • All of the recipes you love and want to cook in one place. From online, your friends and family, and recipe cards you have had forever.
  • An easy way to organize and add to those recipes from anywhere at anytime.
  • A quick and efficient way to get the groceries for those recipes and other groceries you need.
  • An easy way to cook from those recipes without lots of annoying ads, or pages from a book closing on you.
  • Guided cooking so you don’t forget where you are at in the recipe
  • A convenient place to write yourself notes on the recipe or rate it so you remember for next time if you liked it.


Prepear’s Connected Cooking

Prepear is THE solution when it comes to home cooking. It’s totally free and incredibly easy to use. Start by adding your favorite recipe and see what we mean!


  • Organize your favorite recipes into your own personal cookbooks. Add recipes from the web, your recipe cards or those recipes hidden in the catacombs of your email.
  • Create a cookbook with your family or friends to easily share your recipes.
  • Automatic grocery lists created for you from the recipes you want to make.
  • Shop for your groceries from right within Prepear.
  • Use Prepear’s guided cooking mode to easily cook from any device with the ability to check off ingredients and steps during the cooking process.

Give Prepear a try and see for yourself how much better your cooking life can be!

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