Learn the Prepear Method of Meal Planning

Get ready to save time, eat better, and enjoy mealtime with the people you care about most.


Save and Organize Your Recipes in ONE Place

Trying to figure out what to cook when your recipes are scattered to the four corners of your life? That’s hard work. Consolidate the recipes you love from Pinterest, email, that 3-ring binder, and that folder of screen-shots. Choose one great place to store and organize the whole collection. (We can help!)


Create a time block

Pick a 10-minute time block that you can claim as YOUR time to plan meals for the week. Maybe it’s Sunday morning after breakfast, or Thursday night after you brush your teeth. Think of this time as sacred: you’ll come back to it week after week. Your spouse will respect meal plan time. Your kids won’t barge in to bother you (ha-ha.) This step sets your family’s meals on a course for success every week.


Choose Your Style

Ask yourself a few key questions to find the meal planning style that will match your life:

  • How many meals do I want to have planned each week?
  • How much time do I want to spend cooking, most days?
  • What kinds of cuisines or cooking styles does my family like best?

Answering these questions lets you create a sketch of how your meal plan might look, week after week.


Pick and Schedule Recipes

Skim your recipes (remember, they’re all all stored and organized from Step 1, so they’re EASY to skim.) Pick a few for your week, and put them down where you can’t miss them: on a calendar, a piece of paper, your phone, or all three. Prepear lets you see your plan clearly on any device, and print it with a tap.


Have a Backup

Life throws curve balls. A lot. But when you have a backup plan, your meal plan can keep you afloat, EVEN when you need to make sudden changes. Decide on three simple meals you can make at a moment’s notice, on days when you just can’t stick to your plan. These meals can be the same every week (cool!) because you won’t be cooking them all the time. And they’re dishes you can reliably throw together without a trip to the store or lengthy ingredient prep. 

Get Started Meal Planning Today!

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