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Hi! I’m Natalie — CEO and Co-Founder of Prepear.

I’m also a food blogger! I started my food blog Super Healthy Kids 10 years ago. For the first few years, it was really hard to monetize my business.
One day I was sitting at my kitchen counter with my laptop in front of me, and a sink piled high with dishes from my recipe shoot behind me.  I had Facebook open and hit publish to get my latest recipe out to the world.

And then the most amazing thing happened. The numbers on my Google Analytics started to going crazy. They went from 100 concurrent users to 300. Then up to 700 and jumped to 1,000, then 3,000! They just kept going.
And that same thing happened every time I posted to Facebook for the next year. We were riding the Facebook gravy train. Our traffic was so high that our site was crashing much too frequently and we had to do an emergency hosting provider upgrade. We thought we had it made.

But then as quickly as the Facebook Gods gave us traffic, they took it away. I hadn’t changed anything on my end, but the algorithm had changed and there was nothing I could do.

That year, our total traffic to our site was cut in half.  And that same year, we doubled our revenue.   And that is why I started Prepear.

Prepear is built for food bloggers.  I wanted to build a platform for other bloggers to implement the same strategies I did so that when the algorithms change, when privacy regulations change, when the Internet changes and you don’t have control over your traffic and ad revenue……….your business doesn’t die.  It can actually thrive.

If you own it, you control it.   With Prepear, you own the content and control what happens with it.  We have created an incredibly effective marketing and SEO method that will allow you to create a revenue stream for your business that you control.

Our mission at Prepear is to provide a platform for bloggers to diversify and grow their business.    The Internet is changing and we have to change with it.   Join us to become a part of the future of recipes with Prepear’s Connected Cooking and provide your readers with the best digital recipe experience out there.