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What is Prepear?

Prepear is the first connected cooking app made by food bloggers, for food bloggers to help you create digital products from your recipes to sell to your readers. Read our story.

Earn revenue from your recipes

You can generate revenue from Prepear in four different ways.


Full Access Subscriptions

Create your own subscription for your readers, that gives them access to your recipes, meal plans, and cookbooks on Prepear. Earn up to 80% royalty from subscription sales.


Sell your individual cookbooks as a one time purchase. Earn up to 80% royalty from sales.

Meal Plans

Sell your individual meal plans as a one time purchase. Earn up to 80% royalty from sales.

Prepear Gold Subscriptions

When a user upgrades to Prepear Gold - they get access to every cookbook, meal plan, and recipe on Prepear. Earn up to 80% of Gold subscription sales.

Tools built just for you

If You Control it, You Can Grow it.


Track what works for your readers so you can do more of it.

Create Meal Plans

Tools to create meal plans in minutes

Create Cookbooks

Tools to create a Connected Cookbook in minutes

How does it work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my recipes onto Prepear

Once you’ve been accepted as a Prepear Pro, our team can import all of your recipes at once from your sitemap. You also have the option of importing your recipes one by one, or manually entering recipes directly into Prepear. Each recipe, regardless of how you add it, will link directly back to your blog or website.

How do I manage my content through Prepear?

All of your original recipes are stored in your Prepear Pro Cookbook. You can edit or delete any recipe in just a few clicks, right on the platform. Make any recipe public, or secret, to control who is allowed to find it in Prepear. You’re the only person who can make changes to your content. Every time you add a new recipe to your blog, you control how and when it is added to Prepear.

How am I compensated through Prepear?

You can earn a commission for your recipes, meal plans, cookbooks, and referrals to Prepear. Users pay up to $120/year for a subscription, and you may earn up to 80% of their subscription costs as your commission. Additionally, every time a free Prepear user opens your recipe, they are directed to view the directions of that recipe on your blog.

Will having my recipes on Prepear affect my SEO?

Prepear doesn’t index with Google, so your recipes on Prepear will never show up in a Google search.