Home Cooking.
Prepear helps you organize your recipes, plan your meals, and get your groceries fast, so you can spend more time around the table with the people you love.
Are you a food blogger? Keep your readers coming back to your site with Prepear.

Collect and Organize Recipes

Gather your favorite recipes from anywhere, and group them how you like in your Cookbook collections. Never lose a recipe. Share with a click.

Create a Meal Plan

Add recipes to your Meal Plan in seconds. Plan simply, or plan big. Take charge of what you serve your family all week long.

Shop Smarter

Pull out your phone in the store to shop from your Smart Grocery List. We create it for you each week so you can buy exactly what you need.

Cook Simply

Enjoy clear, uncluttered cooking with our thoughtfully-designed recipe interface, Prepear Mode. Easily check off ingredients as you cook.

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Makes cooking, meal planning, shopping fun!

I am not a huge fan of cooking, meal planning, or grocery shopping. This app makes all those things easy and even a little more fun. The developers have literally thought of everything, I love that my phone stays “awake” while I shop or while I’m cooking — so I don’t have to gunk up my phone while I’m trying to pull up the recipe. I used to have my recipes stored in a million different places and it has been so easy to transfer them all to one place. Can’t wait to see what’s new and coming up!


Helpful Tutorials!

Tutorials helpful. I like it more all the time. I was first unsure of how to search. Not bad at all once I got the hang of it. Importing recipes was just magical. So well thought through! Love the grocery list and beauty of the app itself. But pay attention to the hints…. that makes all the difference. I’m sold. And I’ve tried them. All.


The place where I keep all my recipes now.

Such a great and well thought out app. It’s the place where I keep all my recipes now. The company is also super helpful and responsive when you run into problems or ask to fix something you think could be better. I love that I can not only save recipes from almost anywhere, but that I can change and tweak them and it’s all saved in my profile. It’s all streamlined and effortless and even makes a shopping list for you once you decide your weekly menu. I also really love that my phone doesn’t go to sleep while in the app. No more trying to unlock your phone with dirty cooking hands!


Makes meal planning so simple!

This app makes healthy meal planning so simple! The interface is very user friendly and the recipe collection is expansive. They seem to have thought of everything to make this app as practical as possible.

Texas Wood Fam

Game Changer

I’ve never liked making dinner. As a mom of four, I feel like my life revolves around food—planning it, buying it, prepping it, making it, and then cleaning it all up only to repeat a few hours later. The Prepear app has made these time intensive/tedious tasks of planning & shopping a cinch! And I love that I can bookmark so many new recipe ideas I find each week and it’s been (dare I say it?) FUN to try out new ingredients and meals. I’m a HUGE fan and this app has definitely been a game changer for me! Way to go, Prepear!