Simplify Home Cooking.

Prepear helps you organize your recipes, plan your meals, and get your groceries fast.

Save and Organize Recipes

Save your favorite recipes from anywhere, and organize them how you like in your Connected Cookbooks.  You can use them on any device at any time – your cooking life can now live in your pocket.

Discover New Recipes

Browse and save over 300k recipes in our database.

Collect Web Recipes

Store your favorites from all over the web, all in one place.

Add Your Own Recipes

Put Grandma’s famous zucchini bread at your fingertips.


Tap the plus to create meal plans, cookbooks, add recipes from the web, or create your own.

Create Your Own Custom Meal Plans

Add your favorite recipes to your Meal Plan in seconds. Plan simply, or plan big. Take charge of what you serve your family all week long.

Add Recipes

Tap the plus to add any recipe to a particular day.

Add a Note

Tap the lightning bolt to add any custom note to a particular day.

Customize your plan

Swipe right to remove a recipe, or move it to another day.

Plan Settings

Tap the three dots to save your plan, insert another plan, or print.

Shop Smarter

Take your grocery list with you everywhere you go.  Prepear automatically creates your  grocery list for you.   Customize it and add those other things you need – laundry detergent and milk.  Order your groceries from right within the app for curbside pickup or delivery.

Send Your Grocery List to Walmart

Shop by brand, or by price. You have the freedom to shop each item at Walmart.

Ingredient Info

Get reminded which recipe calls for this ingredient. Tap here.

Next Item

Tap the right and left arrows to go back or skip items.

Cook Simply

Enjoy clear, uncluttered cooking with our thoughtfully-designed recipe interface, Prepear Mode. Easily check off ingredients as you cook so you won’t ever have to remember if you already added the salt.

Cook Mode

Enjoy ad free cooking, where you can see the ingredients and directions on a split-screen.

Adjust Servings

Adjust the serving amount, to fit your family’s needs.

Landscape Mode

Rotate your device sideways to go into landscape mode.

Check Off Ingredients

Check off the ingredients and directions while you cook, so you never lose your place.