Marketing your subscription

The following content will help you grow your business on Prepear. The following are ideas based on what we have learned. If you have any other ideas you want to try, let us know – we will help you 🙂

How to share your subscription with your audience

When you create your subscription products, Prepear automatically creates sales pages for every product you have as well as a general sales page with all of your products on Prepear. Watch the video to see how to access your sales page links.

How to launch your subscription

Before you launch your subscription, you will have to create you subscription products (meal plans and cookbooks). When you are done creating these, you can publish them and they will automatically be available to users on Prepear and you can start earning revenue. Before you announce your products to your audience we recommend doing the following onsite marketing to start:

Add the “Save to Prepear” button to your recipes

We have created a very light plugin that works with WP-Recipe Maker, to insert a button on your recipe card to help people save recipes to their Prepear account. If a new home cook saves a recipe from your site they will auto-follow you on Prepear.

Download the plugin

Create a pillar post or sales page about your subscription

This post can serve as a pillar post for your subscription to help your readers understand what your meal plans / cookbooks, and Prepear is all about.

Download the plugin

Add a link to your sales page on your navigation

Adding a link to your subscription on your website navigation will help your readers come to your meal plans and cookbooks naturally. This should link to your subscription sales page.

How to talk about Prepear with your readers

The best thing you can do to talk about your meal plans and cookbooks on Prepear is to use Prepear. Show them how it can simplify the home cooking process. Your readers will feed off of your energy. The more excited you are about it – the more excited your readers will be. Below are some example Insta Stories where food bloggers have talked about Prepear.

How to run discount campaigns

You can create discounts for your subscription whenever you like. Some of our most popular times for promotions are: New Years, Back to Summer, Back to School, and Black Friday. However you could run a promotion anytime.

This video shows you how to create two different kinds of discounts. A “General Discount” which applies a discount to all of your products for the duration you select. An “Advanced Marketing Discount” allows you to setup specific discounts that are only available through specific campaigns. Usually these are reserved for email drip campaigns.

Marketing Campaign Templates

Here are some of our favorite tried and true marketing campaigns that are sure to bring revenue to your business. We will add more to the list as more become available to you.

Here’s why you want to to run templates at set times during the year.

View Campaign Templates