Image Assets

Download the assets below to use in your own marketing efforts to sell your full access subscription.

Prepear Logos and Icons

Download the Prepear Logo and Icons for use in the marketing of your Prepear products. Please don’t alter the logo and icons in any way.

Prepear Color Logo

Download Color Logo

Prepear White Logo

Download White Logo

Pear Icons

Download Pear Icons

Partnership Logo Template

Horizontal TemplateVertical Template

App Screenshots

To create your own custom app screenshots we use Canva. Click here to watch a quick video on how to use Canva and generate your own custom screenshot. When you are ready click the desired template below to get started.

Profile Screenshots

Canva Profile Template

Meal Plan Screenshot

Canva Meal Plan Template

Cookbook Screenshot

Canva Cookbook Template

Customized Grocery List

Horizontal TemplateVertical Template

Walmart Grocery Integration

Horizontal TemplateVertical Template

Cookbook Bundle Template

Square TemplateVertical Template