Black Friday Campaign

Less than 1 Week: Nov 26th – Nov 30th

Provide your readers with the biggest discount of the year. This campaign generates more subscription sales than any other because readers are in a mindset to buy.

The example emails, social media posts, and on-site marketing materials for this campaign were used for the site Super Healthy Kids. This campaign was designed to let readers know that the  Super Healthy Kids is having a huge Black Friday sale on their meal plan subscription.

This campaign is provided as an example of one way to promote this sale. Tailor the emails, social posts, images, sales pages, etc. to your audience.

We recommend a discount on your Full Access subscription of 40%. The ideal campaign length is 4 days with a sale extended for 1 day.  We recommend starting the sale on Black Friday and running it through Cyber Monday with the sale extended to Tuesday.

The limited duration will help you to build a sense of urgency to purchase and permit you to send additional emails reminding your audience that the sale is ending. These sale ending messages often generate more than 50% of the sales that occur during the campaign.

This campaign template includes:

  • Onsite marketing asset examples including pop-ups and banners
  • A sample email schedule with emails announcing the start of the sale, reminder emails of your sale, and a sale ending email sequence promoting the time-sensitive nature of your offer
  • Sample social media posts to go along with your email campaign
  • Swipe images and stickers to help you build your own image assets to promote the campaign

Steps to Follow:

Decide on Product to Promote

Although your subscription includes many meal plans, cookbooks, and ad-free recipes, it is best to focus your campaign on your Full Access subscription.

Highlighting how your meal plan will help your readers to create delicious family dinners that will save time and stress will dramatically increase your subscription sales.

Review Your Sales Page

Determine whether you want to direct your readers to your Prepear sales page, or a sales page that you have custom built on your website.

You may want to update your custom built sales page with information specific to this campaign.

Prepear Sales Page ExampleCustom Sales Page Example

Set Discounts and Get Links

You can easily create a discount to go along with your campaign from within your Prepear Pro dashboard. Click the link below to get started.

How to Create a DiscountCreate a Discount

Promote your Sale

The success of your promotional campaign will be directly tied to how frequently and effectively you market it to your audience. We suggest promoting it on your website, to your email list, and on your social media channels.

We recommend for Black Friday, promoting often for a short period of time. The links below include samples for each promotional channel to get you started.

WebsiteEmail ListSocial MediaSale Images


During promotional campaigns we suggest you pause other pop-ups and banners that you use on your site and replace them with popups and banners promoting your sale. These popups and banners generated about 1/3 of the sales when this campaign was run on the Super Healthy Kids food blog.


A good popup will attract your reader’s attention and focus on the solution to a problem they have right now. It will also include a discount and generate a sense of urgency to take action. Always include a very clear, direct call to action button on your popups.

Desktop Popup ExampleMobile Popup ExampleExit Popup Example


A sticky header or footer banner is a less intrusive reminder of the promotion you are running. The banner text should be brief, should communicate when the sale is ending to create a sense of urgency, and should always include a clear call to action button.

Desktop Banner ExampleMobile Banner Example


Black Friday is a unique time where readers are frantically searching for the best deals as fast as possible. Emails should be as clear and direct as possible. Your deal should be communicated in 1 second or less. In our email series for Super Healthy Kids we have adapted basically the same email and formatted it slightly different for each email in the sequence. If you are not going to send all the emails here is how we would rank the order of importance of these emails:

  1. Pre Announcement
  2. Sale Launch
  3. Sale Reminder
  4. Sale Ending Soon
  5. Last Day
  6. Sale Extended

This content is an example from the food blog Super Healthy Kids. You should always adapt this content to be authentic to your brand and relevant to your audience. About 1/3 of Super Healthy Kids sales were generated from this email series.

Email 1 – Pre-Announcement

The purpose of this email is to promote your Black Friday Sale – the biggest and best sale of the year. (We offer 40% Off) This is a big deal!! This email will inform your readers you are doing a Black Friday Sale and to remind them to look for your HUGE discount in an email in the coming days.

Email 1 ContentImage 1 Template

Email 2 – Black Friday Announcement Sale!

It’s time! Announce that you are having the biggest sale of the year! We send this out Friday November 26th at 6am EST to make sure it gets all shoppers early.

Email 2 ContentImage 2 Template

Email 3 – Sale Reminder

This email is to continue to create urgency that your sale is ending in 2 more days.

Email 3 ContentImage 3 Template

Email 4 – Sale Ending Soon

One more day to take advantage of the Black Friday Sale.

Email 4 ContentImage 4 Template

Email 5 – Last Day of Sale (Cyber Monday)

This is the last day of the sale and is the most important email to send in this sequence behind the sale announcement.

Email 5 ContentImage 5 Template

Email 6 – Sale Extended

The purpose of this email is to share your excitement around how well your sale has gone for Black Friday. Because the sale has gone so well, you have decided to extend the sale one day. Because people often procrastinate, this gives your readers one last chance to claim your HUGE discount!

Email 6 ContentImage 6 Template

Social Media

Social media posts should be rich in authentic and helpful content to generate the maximum amount of organic reach. Super Healthy Kids generates about 1/3 of its sales from talking about promotions on social media.

Instagram / Facebook Posts

Your social media posts don’t need to be professionally designed. They should include content and photos similar to other posts you create that receive high engagement. They should include a clear call to action in the content and should link directly to your sales page.

We have found that Reels and Videos get significantly more engagement than a regular feed post when announcing a sale.

Reel Launch Content IdeasReel Example

Instagram / Facebook Stories

Stories are an easy way to personally engage with your audience on video without a lot of production effort. We’ve created a library of sale and promotional stickers to make it easier to create these stories and included them in the image assets section below.

Announcement StoryMid Sale StorySale Ending Story

Generic Sale Images

Use these images and stickers to easily create your own unique graphics and videos promoting your sale.

Sale and Discount Images

Click the link below to get assets for you that matches the discount you are going to run for your sale.

40% Off35% Off30% Off25% Off20% Off

Image Templates

If you want to customize your sale and discount images with your own colors click the links below to edit in Canva.

Sale LogoPercent Off