Real Food, Comfort Food

By Feast and Farm

7 Sections, 110 Recipes

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Comfort food recipes made from real food, easy to find ingredients. No cream of mystery soups!

Usually comfort food is loaded in canned cream of mystery soups, Cool Whip and a variety factory-made ingredients that don't bring any health benefit-- but making meals from scratch feels overwhelming and time consuming. Can there be a balance? Absolutely!

Bring the best of practical ingredients you can find in any grocery store together in more than 100 recipes to make ahead or on the fly even when time is tight. No special tools or gadgets needed!

Anything you make at home is automatically healthier than the boxed and pre-packaged imposters lining the grocery store shelves. Discover the freedom real food and wholesome ingredients can create while soothing your soul at the same time.

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Real Food, Comfort Food

By Feast and Farm

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7 Sections, 110 Recipes


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Kris c2233

Saves Me So Much Time!This app saves me so much time!! The cook mode is amazing. It makes it so you don’t have to scroll from ingredients to directions and the best part, it keeps the screen from going black and having to unlock your phone or iPad mid recipe.

Courtney S.

CustomizableIve been struggling with meal planning lately, discovering this app has been extremely helpful. Finding recipes and being able to just transfer the needed ingredients directly to my shopping list is great. You can also change the amount of servings and it will adjust the recipe for you, given I usually need to make recipes smaller as a single mom this is very useful.


Every Mom Needs This App!This app makes meal planning and grocery shopping so much easier. I have 4 kids so I don’t have a lot of free time to meal plan, create a shopping list, then do said shopping. I love Walmart grocery pick up and didn’t think it could get easier but Prepear made it easier.

Lisa M.

This is a fun app!This is a fun app. Add your own recipes or look up new ones. Love the meal planning. It helps keep the "whats 4 dinner" question at bay.


No More Endless Blog Scrolling!I have meals dropped into my digital planner and it generates my shopping list for me! I no longer worry about what we are having for dinner because Prepear truly has taken the stress out of meal planning and shopping. No more endless blog scrolling, super cool cook mode feature makes it easy to see ingredients and recipe at the same time.

Victoria T.

Search for special dietsThis is an awesome meal planning app and the only one I use now. You can search for special diets, including gluten-free. Each recipe has the option of generating a shopping list for you, so you have everything you need when you go to the store. Ive got about 11 cookbooks saved in here!


Store Everything Together!I came across Prepear whilst I was rushing, trying to look up recipes and write a grocery list. This is great... I can store everything together in one place and it’s so easy to navigate too. Love that I’ve found it as it’s making daily life so much easier!

Lisa M.

Done for you planning!My favourite thing is using the premade plans. I dont have to figure out what to put on the calendar. Does every meal work for our family? Nope. But at least it gives me a base to work from - like if there is a noodle dish that wont work for us, I know that I can make a noodle meal that night, etc. I am thankful that I can drag recipes around on the plan so easy.

pizza lover 26

Great Customer Service!Easy to use and when I did have a question, they responded quickly with the answer. Try it, you’ll love it too.

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