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Prepear is the first cooking app made by food bloggers, for food bloggers, to help you connect with your readers and increase your traffic.
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Social platforms don't serve food bloggers' best interests...
Buries your content and prioritizes posts by friends and family.
Prohibits direct links on posts, so your followers can't easily get to your site.
Requires creating and managing elaborate pins.
Costs you time and money to make content for.
Prepear does.
Boosts traffic to your site
Pays you when subscribers cook your recipes
Lets you earn a commission for referring your readers.

Prepear gets eyes on your recipes, and traffic to your site.

Compared to home cooks visiting from other sources, cooks in Prepear spend more time looking at your content.

Get paid when Prepear Gold subscribers cook your recipes.

Subscribers pay for full access to recipes in Prepear, without ads. We pay you a high CPM from Gold subscribers using your recipes.

Earn affiliate revenue from Prepear

Refer a reader to Prepear, and you'll earn 20% of their subscription costs when they upgrade, and for as long as they stay with Prepear Gold.

Engage your readers with a great end-to-end cooking experience

Your recipes are easy to save, organize, share, and cook from.
Recipe Inspiration
Users get ideas from friends and bloggers
Recipes are easy to find and share
Simple Meal Planning
Users create plans, or follow blogger plans
Grocery Lists
Lists automatically match users’ meal plans

Learn what your followers love, So You Can Do More of It!

Track the analytics on all your recipes and meal plans to find out what's working to increase your traffic and revenue.

How do I get started on Prepear?

how it works 1
Apply to become a
Prepear Pro
how it works 2
Upload your
recipes to Prepear
how it works 3
Prepear will give you images & assets to promote your recipes / meal plans
how it works 4
Get traffic back to your site when anyone on Prepear uses your recipe.

Am I a good fit to become a Prepear Partner?

Anyone can apply to become a Prepear Partner. You're likely to be a good fit if at least two of the following are true:
You have 100+ original recipes for your followers to cook.
You have at least 10k followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Prepear.
100k pagevies
Your website gets 100k or more pageviews a month.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I get my recipes onto Prepear?

Once you’ve been accepted as a Prepear Pro, our team can import all of your recipes at once from your sitemap. You also have the option of importing your recipes one by one, or manually entering recipes directly into Prepear. Each recipe, regardless of how you add it, will link directly back to your blog or website.

How do I manage my content through Prepear?

All of your original recipes are stored in your Prepear Pro Cookbook. You can edit or delete any recipe in just a few clicks, right on the platform. Make any recipe public, or secret, to control who is allowed to find it in Prepear. You’re the only person who can make changes to your content.

How am I compensated through Prepear?

You can earn a commission for your recipes, meal plans, and referrals to Prepear. Users pay $9.99/mo or $99/year to become Gold subscribers, and you may earn up to 70% of their subscription costs as your commission. Free users in Prepear are sent directly to your site so you can earn money on your display ads while users cook.

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