Our mission is to create health & togetherness through food.

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About Prepear

Prepear is the online connected cooking platform for home cooks and food publishers. Food publishers use Prepear’s software to create and sell digital recipe products, stay competitive in the online recipe space and connect with new readers. Home cooks experience a seamless end to end recipe experience all with the convenience of a single app.

Connected cooking is here.

Hey food pros, I’m glad you’re here! I’m Natalie, CEO of Prepear and co-founder of the recipe resource site, Super Healthy Kids.

My team and I built Prepear to change the way people cook and how they think and feel about cooking. Currently 45% of people say they hate cooking, but do it everyday anyway. This is leading to more convenience and packaged foods being served at home, instead of your amazing recipes being cooked!

We built Prepear to connect food pros like you with homecooks in a way that has never been done before. 

Recipes on Prepear are so simple to discover, use and cook from, that our users say Prepear is changing their lives! For the food pros on our platform, this means more eyes on their content in a low-effort revenue stream. You know that nice feeling you get when your content gets shared in a roundup post online? Boom, extra traffic to your site. So how does this work for Prepear Food Pros??

Your recipes in Prepear are monetized in multiple ways.

  • When a free Prepear user looks at one of your recipes, they link out to your site for directions. The experience for the user is incredibly seamless and on average they spend 22 minutes on a recipe in Prepear. This not only gives you ad revenue, but increase time on site potentially increasing your CPM’s.
  • Prepear pays you a commission up to 70% for Gold users.
    • 20% is a referral for any user you refer to Prepear that upgrades to gold. We give you a 365 day cookie for every free user you get onto Prepear.
    • 10% is for any user that uses one of your meal plans created by you on Prepear
    • 40% is for any of your recipes used by Gold users.

Creating meal plans is a breeze

Create meal plans like Easy Family Dinners, or Instant Pot Weeknight Meals that all are promoted in Prepear’s Meal Plan Marketplace. Using our technology, you can build a meal plan in less than 5 minutes using any of your recipes. Our thousands of Prepear Gold users can choose to follow one of your meal plans and you get the commission even if you didn’t refer them

Your recipes include nutrition data, and can be turned into shopping lists instantly.

These details might seem secondary to some of us food pros, but they makes a big difference to our audience. The more useful your recipes are, the more likely your followers are to actually cook them. And the more your food gets cooked, the more you build trust and influence with the people who matter.

Interested in becoming a food pro in Prepear?

If you’re interested in making money through Prepear, OR if you have questions that I didn’t answer here, please reach out to me directly at natalie@prepear.com I’m more than happy to talk with you, address your questions, and help you apply to become a Prepear Food Pro.

Thanks for doing what you do!