Our mission is to create health & togetherness through food.

See what this means for families and
food influencers below.

“What’s for dinner?”

It sounds like a cheerful enough question.

But for millions of people in charge of feeding a family, that question inspires actual dread.

Why? Because home cooking feels disorganized and hard.

We all believe family meals are important. But the days rush by at a breakneck pace. By 5pm, we’re strapped for time, energy, and ideas.

Instead of family mealtime creating health and togetherness, dinner becomes another chore; a headache; something to hurry through and check off the list before bedtime.

Millions of us are living like this… so discouraged and isolated by the process, that a full 45% of Americans claim to “hate” cooking.

Given the close ties between cooking and health and happiness, this is a really big problem. We’re building the solution.

Connected Cooking

Connected Cooking is a whole new way of approaching family meals that puts essential tools for planning, shopping, cooking, and support right in your pocket.

Our community in Prepear is telling us that connected cooking helps them feel organized. Confident. Motivated to break free of dinner ruts. In control of prep work and mealtime.

And we’re striving to make it better all the time… to knit together all the disconnected threads of feeding a family. We’re working to simplify our collective routines, expand on our cooking abilities, and better integrate our social lives with our food.

So that we think of family mealtime in a whole new light, and tell ourselves a new story about cooking: “I’m glad I spend my time doing this.”