20 Fabulessly Fast Freezer Meal  Dinners + Guide

20 Fabulessly Fast Freezer Meal Dinners + Guide

Complete instructions on how to prepare 20 tried and true freezer meals in 3 hours!

By Fabulessly Frugal

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Cookbook Description

Time is one of the truly limited resources, and like you, I’d rather spend my time with my family than being stuck in the kitchen! Even worse, spending money on unhealthy fast food when pinched for time is not only bad on your budget, but your health too!

I'm a busy mom of EIGHT kids! I created this cookbook for people just like me.... who really want to save time, sanity, money AND feed the fam delicious meals!

This cookbook is broken into 5 sections. There are detailed instructions on how to bulk prepare before you assemble all of your freezer meals. Then I'll take you through four rounds of assembly and some cooking.

The beauty of doing this thru Prepear is that you'll have your freezer meal shopping list put together in a flash! Almost all of the recipes provide 4 generous servings. For the recipes that serve 8, use the Prepear edit feature to reduce the number of servings OR just make two sets of that freezer meal!

It's so adaptable and easy to use with the Prepear app!

How does it work?

This meal plan is delivered to you in the Prepear app to give you the best digital recipe experience out there.

  • Never lose another recipe. Store any recipe from any source all in one place that you can easily access from any device.
  • Adaptable to you. Easily edit your meal plans, recipes and cookbooks with just a few clicks.
  • No more paper grocery lists to keep track of. Prepear creates automatic grocery lists from your meal plans and recipes.
  • Save time. Schedule grocery delivery or curbside pickup from right inside the Prepear app.

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